Graphana 1.0

This page deals with Graphana 1.0. Newer versions are available at the Graphana main page.


Program download

First steps
When using a shell, Graphana can be executed with the following line:
java -jar graphana.jar
After initialization, a '>' appears. Statements can be typed in and executed by pressing Enter.

The following sequence of inputs depict a simple session:
To get a quick help, the keyword HELP can be typed in.

See the manual for detailed usage information.

  • Quick start – a short manual for using the analysis functionality
  • Manual – the complete manual of the program as PDF
  • Operations – List of operations including the most important algorithms
  • Extension manual – manual for writing own algorithms in graphana
  • Javadoc – the (partial) documentation of the source code

Main page
For newer releases, contact and license information, see the Graphana main page.