Graphana 3.0

Graphana can be used to analyze the combinatorial structure of graphs. Given one or more input graph(s), Graphana computes or estimates the values and distributions of different graph parameters.

Example parameters include:

Other things, that can be done with Graphana: The current version of Graphana is 3.0.

Improvements from version 2.0:


The main window of the GUI

Graph visualization

Example histogram of degree distribution

Time measurements

Program download

First steps
When using a shell, Graphana can be executed by typing the following command:
java -jar graphana.jar
After initialization, the main window appears. Commands can be typed in and executed by pressing Enter or the "Execute" button.
To get a quick help, the keyword HELP can be typed in.

See the manual for detailed usage information.

  • Manual – the complete manual of version 3.0 as PDF
  • Operations – List of operations including the most important algorithms
  • Extension manual – manual for writing own algorithms in Graphana
  • Javadoc – the (partial) documentation of the source code

Graphana is available under the GNU LGPL and includes the following libraries:
If you have questions, proposals or find bugs, you can contact us by writing an e-mail to:

Older releases